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Drugs And College Students

Many college-going students have a drinking or drug problem.

The rate of addiction in college students is higher than most other groups.

These college students are the population ages 18-24 who were exposed to greater chances of addiction.

It is common for many students to come across problems of natural social anxiety when they begin life in college. They can join social circles where they start using alcohol and eventually get addicted to it. A good number of pupils falls into dependence of drugs and booze after these become part of a habitual form of enjoying life.

Students who are attending college full time have a two times greater risk of alcohol or drug addiction than their counterparts who don't go to college.

Reasons Why College Pupils Revert To Drugs

There are many reasons that cause people to start using these drugs such as

  • Anxiety
  • Students are usually required to face the high demands of coursework, part-time jobs, internships, social obligations and various other things, which make them turn to drugs as a method of coping.
  • Study Pressure
  • Wanting to succeed always makes the students study harder and they can use some stimulants in a bid to enhance their concentration.
  • More often than not, commonly abused stimulants like Adderall are acquired without a genuine prescription.
  • Curiosity
  • From a personal and professional perspective, pupils are placed before new phases of their lives.
  • Many students start using drugs to satisfy their curiosity about these things.
  • Peer Pressure
  • Students who are part of a peer group in which many people use recreational drugs are more susceptible to use drugs.

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Prevalence Of Diet Pills And Eating Disorders In Campus

Eating disorders are highly common among college students who are considered to be at an elevated risk in the development of such problems.

25% of all college students struggle with an eating disorder as specified by the National Institute Of Mental Health. To make the matters worse, the incidence rate of eating disorder among students is increasing, as shown by a study which concluded that in the last twenty years, the number of cases of a specific eating disorder has increased, both in men and women. This disorder is causing many students to turn to diet pill abuse in order to help them lose weight. This diet pill use is linked to common health issues and even cause death. Find out more about eating disorders and diet pill abuse on college campuses.

College Drug Choices

Many new drugs are being introduced in the campuses every.

College pupils take some drugs are taken more than others. Some of them are

  • Alcohol is attributed to most cases of campus troubles that are related to substance use.
  • It is hard to classify heavy drinking as an abuse because alcohol is socially accepted.
  • On the other hand, Adderall also popularly known as the study drug, it is the choice prescription drug for staying awake among students.
  • Pot is now being used most by many students because many states have started legalizing it.
  • You shouldn't be surprised to see that it is being abused more than liquor.
  • Ecstasy, which was very popular in the 90s, has started becoming popular in college campuses again in a more concentrated form, called molly or MDMA.
  • Students in college are within the target age range for this "party drug" that is often abused by teenagers and young adults in their 20s.
  • MDMA is highly popular at concerts and rave parties.

Alcohol And The Impact On College Students

A majority of students in the higher institutions use liquor. Drinking alcohol is extremely common in campus, as it is a part of every house party, student parties, and celebrations.

Most college pupils end up assuming more booze that non college students because its abuse during college is common and often excused.

Survey reveals that a staggering 80% of college students drink alcohol.

Nearly 50% of all students who consume alcohol have reportedly resorted to binge drinking according to a document published by the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Unmoderated alcohol drinking is not only detrimental to the drinker but also to other people in terms of troubles and violence it causes. Learn more about binge drinking and the effects of alcohol on college campuses.

Abuse And Greek Life

Drinking and overuse in the Greek system is more widespread than it is among pupils outside the system despite fraternities and sororities trying to form a familiar surrounding for college students to attain academic and philanthropic goals.

Adderall is one of the most overused prescription substances within fraternities and sororities, way more than students outside the Greek system.

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