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The negative effects of alcohol intake on our health will be much more than the momentary good feeling we get from it. From feelings of great sadness and amnesia to one killing themself, alcohol has been associated with many problems.

Alcohol Alters Your Brain Chemistry In Alcohol Rehab Durham

There is a delicate balance of chemicals that ensure our brains function as they should. Alcohol contains some substances which decrease neuronal activities, which changes our mood, sensation and reaction.

This is largely because of the neurotransmitter's chemicals that can help to transmit signals from a single nerve [neurone] within the brain to another.

It is the chemical effects of alcohol on the brain that causes the initial feeling of relaxation that is felt when a person has the first drink. Drinking can cause some people to become less anxious and some people to become more confident. The region of the brain responsible for being self-conscious becomes supressed by alcohol; that is why that happens.

The brain gets distorted if you continue to take more drinks. High intake of liquor can totally change your reaction, it doesn't matter whether you were happy when you drank the first glass, and it can cause you to become volatile and violent. Alcohol is also connected to aggression anxiety, depression and feeling of anger may arise.

Alcohol Can Actually Increase Anxiety And Stress Rather Than Reduce It Before Visiting Alcohol Rehab Durham

You cannot assume that reaching out for a drink will give you the effects that you are looking forward to.

Rather than help to lower your stress levels, a simple glass of wine in the evening could, gradually, lead to you feeling more depressed and more anxious. This is due to the neurotransmitters, which are required for great mental well-being, being compromised due to the frequent, high-risk alcohol consumption.

Our senses become weakened, lowering sensory input and perception of the world around us when we consume alcohol. If we are prone to anxiety and come across something, which can be interpreted as threatening within the environment, we are likely to overlook the situation along with the other neutral information. For instance, you may be accompanied by a partner and due to alcohol, you may only focus on them the moment they start chatting with a person you're jealous of.

Alcohol Consumption Causes Depression And Leads To More Alcohol Consumption

You will probably get extreme feelings of sadness when you frequently engage in high-risk alcohol consumption. The good old chemistry of the brain moves into action again. Serotonin is a brain chemical that helps in mood regulation and this may be lowered by frequent drinking.

Majority of the depressed people and those suffering anxiety in Britain are either problem or heavy alcohol users. Others drink in order to minimize the extreme sadness or feelings of persecution as treatment. For some, the feelings of persecution were brought on because of their alcohol consumption.

Your relationship with your loved ones could also be hampered by excessive drinking. Your work life can also be negatively impacted. Depression could also be enhanced by the above mentioned problems.

If you are consuming alcohol in an attempt to improve your mood or mask the depression, you could be getting into a vicious cycle. How to know if you are a victim

  • Bad sleeping habits post drinking
  • Experiencing fatigue due to hangover
  • Depression
  • In circumstance where you usually feel calm and collected, you feel worry and uneasiness

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Four Ways To Help Prevent Alcohol Affecting Your Mood Within Alcohol Rehab Durham

  • Handle your stress problems with relaxation and exercises as against alcohol intake
  • Study how to handle anxiety with breathing methods
  • Find someone willing to listen to your problems
  • Do not attempt to mask your concerns with alcohol
  • When taking alcohol, always know why you're doing so
  • Alcohol rather increases anxiety; don't see it as a way out of your problem

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Alcohol Is Linked To Suicide Self Harm And Psychosis In Alcohol Rehab Durham

Since alcohol can make people less self-conscious and lead them to act on impulse, they can do things they normally would not do, like taking their own life and harming themselves, and this is because alcohol is connected to psychosis, causing your own death, and harming yourself.

More than 50% of people that were admitted in hospitals because they wounded themselves knowingly, based on a data by NHS in Scotland, confessed to drinking alcohol before or during the action. Out of all the people who harmed themselves, 27% of the men and 19% of the women said alcohol was the reason.

You may not know that Excessive intake of alcohol often results to nausea and despair - these symptoms are suffered mostly by abusers.

Mental illness is sometimes caused by binge drinking, which is consuming more than 30 units of alcohol in a single day for an extended period of time. Delusion and imaginary visions can be the effects due to this terrible physiological ailment. Delirium tremens is a condition with symptoms that include confusion and shaking and this condition may occur if a heavy drinker was to suddenly stop drinking.

Alcohol Has The Ability To Damage Your Memory

You will suddenly realize that your cognitive and brain system are retarding because of alcohol intake. The brain ceases sending information where memories are stored after taking excessive amounts of alcohol. That is how you end up not knowing anything (drawing a blank) about what happened prior to waking up on the following day. The brain cells may not be destroyed by a singular 'black out' or memory loss, but when this becomes incessant due to constant excessive drinking, the brain could be destroyed by alcohol, because of its effects on the chemistry and activities of the brain.

Memory can also be affected permanently with constant high-risk drinking. It is hard to recollect the memories of what happened the day before even on days where no alcohol was consumed.

FACTS Your temporary mental state is affected by alcohol because it alters the balance of biochemicals in your head.

Maintaining Self Control Within Alcohol Rehab Durham

To avoid alcohol abuse, you should stick to the low risk drinking limit given by the government. You can minimize alcohol consumption in the following three ways

Handle stress using adjunct ways Try jogging, swimming, yoga, or confiding in a loved one about the problems you are having instead of resulting to consuming alcohol after a stressful day.

Try remaining sober for a couple of days. Tolerance sets in when you drink alcohol regularly. This is the primary reason why many medical professionals have recommended that people should be taking time off from drinking consistently in order to ensure that they do not become addicts to alcohol. You have to give it a try if you wish to see a turnaround, just take some days off.