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How To Lower Your Risk

Advice On How To Minimize Alcohol Consumption In Durham Visit Alcohol Rehab Durham

You can gradually minimize your addiction with these guidelines, if you are a chronic drinker that takes more than 14 units of alcohol a week.

14 units of alcohol are equal to 10 small glasses of wine with small power or 6 bottles of average level beer.

  • Have a plan - Decide how much you're going to drink before you start drinking.
  • Setting a budget - only carry a limited amount of money for your expenditure on alcohol.
  • Alert loved ones - If you need encouragement and motivation from loved ones, you should make them aware that you wish to minimize alcohol consumption.
  • Taper down: Gradually reduce the amount you drink rather than cutting back all at once.
  • This helps to create a feeling for progress each time you cut back a little.
  • Reduce the size - You can reduce the rate at which you drink and still be happy.
  • Instead of purchasing pints you should be trying bottled beer or a smaller glass of wine as a replacement for a larger glass.
  • Have a drink which is low in strength - you can reduce the content of alcohol by swapping strong beers on winds and select the ones with a lower strength [ABV in %].
  • The details on the alcohol content are usually on the bottle.
  • Stay hydrated - It is best to switch between consuming alcoholic beverages and water or soft drinks, and you should also drink a glass of water prior to drinking alcohol.
  • Take a break - Take some days off from drinking.

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Cutting Down Advantages Of Visiting Alcohol Rehab Durham

The following are the immediate benefits of minimizing alcohol consumption:

  • In the morning, you will feel fantastic
  • Less fatigued
  • Have healthier looking skin
  • You will get a healthy feeling
  • Weight gaining may be halted

Cutting back in the long term can improve:

Mood - Hangovers come with some level of anxiety and depression is highly connected to excessive consumption of alcohol. Minimizing alcohol consumption can improve your overall temporary mind state, while further drinking can exacerbate the situation when feeling low or uneasy and worried.

Sleep - Sleep is usually affected by drinking You may not be able to enjoy deep sleep due to drinking and your sleeping patterns may also be distorted even if the alcohol helps you to sleep. You will experience relaxation, especially in the morning, by reducing intake of alcohol. BLANK

Behavior - Drinking Can Affect Your Judgment and Behavior. Under the influence of heavy drinking, your reasoning and calm may be lost. You could also face the problem of memory loss when having a drink, and this is a common problem with heavy drinkers over the long-term.

Heart - Your heart could become enlarged if you drink heavily over an extended period. This is a serious condition and cannot be completely reversed but cutting down on the drinking can prevent the condition from worsening.

Immune system - your immune system can also be affected if you have been drinking regularly. Infectious diseases are another problem that high-risk alcohol consumers are more susceptible to.